Heart of Stone

Sometimes it seems a waste;

To spend so much time alone.

Although to love in haste;

Can wear the heart to stone.

For that stone to be broken;

The spell must be uplifted.

In the form of some great token;

A token from the gifted.

The gifted could be that of another;

A heart not yet made of stone.

To warm the so-called other;

To keep them from being alone.

– J. Klaar ©1994

– Photographer: C. Klaar ©2014



Wild is the soul unchained.

Wild are my thoughts.

Wild are my actions.

Tame my heart and

Chain my soul.

For my thoughts grows weak,

and my actions slow.

Some things are believable,

Yet others are not.

I wish I could have believed you

but it was truth that I sought.

These are the days,

Where I find myself alone.

To wallow in my room,

Where no one can condone.

Once there was a woman.

With the heart of a child

And the soul of a saint.

She has now gone wild.

My heart grows wild,

It longs to be tamed.

My soul grows wild,

It longs to be chained.

By whom….

Is the question.

He who can tame . . .

He who can chain . . .

A love like mine.

-J. Klaar ©1994

-Photographer: J. Klaar © 2016



To what do I owe; this visit of yours.

A piece of myself; be it gentle or by force.

You weaken me at times.

Overpower me never.

I am strong, I am willful.

Now and forever.

My confidence kicks in,

When you’re berating begins.

I am strong, I am willful.

Time and again.

Corner me and I come out fighting.

Round and round we’ll go.

I am strong, I am willful.

Despite blow after blow.

I am Invincible.

–  J. Klaar ©2017

-Photographer: N. Klaar ©2017

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